Riot Headline Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny Teaming Up On New Political Mystery Novel


Authors for Black Voices Auction Will Benefit Racial Justice Organizations

The Authors for Black Voices silent auction will raise funds for racial justice initiatives in publishing, education, and literacy.

Drawn Histories: A Short Consideration of Representation in Comics

Talking about representation in comics and some of the comics that might expand your thinking about inclusivity in the history of comics.

Crowdfund This! London’s First Black Feminist Bookshop

Not Your Perfect Narrator: Representation Matters, But You Have To Get It Right

Representation matters, but only if it's done accurately. It isn't enough to include diverse characters if they aren't portrayed authentically.

Diversity as the New Center of the Comics Universe

Why is white, male, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual the default in the Big 2 superhero universes? Allen discusses why diversity should be central.

Representation Means Different Things to Different People

Seeing representation in comics can mean different things to different people.

What Happens After You Call Out Poor Representation on Twitter?

We've all seen Twitter callouts of poor representation—but what happens after that? We discuss next steps with a creator.

A Proposal For Helping Diverse Comic Readers

Latonya suggests a set of guidelines that publishers can follow to make diverse and inclusive comics easier to find for readers.

Why Is the Price of Representation Pain?

Why do stories of representation so often include pain and bigotry, rather than acceptance? Allen reflects with DC Rebirth.

The Catharsis of Representation in Comics

Representation in comics matters. Allen discusses how people read comics differently, and derive different things from them.

What Happens After You Call Out Poor Representation on Social Media?

What happens after you call out poor representation in a book or comic on social media? Brenna recently had that experience over on Panels.

I Called Out SUPER HUMAN RESOURCES on Twitter, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

When Brenna confronted Ken Marcus about the slur in SUPER HUMAN RESOURCES, he acknowledged his mistake. What follows is a lesson on owning our errors.

Writing Diversity: Telling a Story vs Telling the Story

"Write what you know" becomes an issue when you are also trying to incorporate diversity into your story. Who can write diverse characters?

Reading Women in Comics as a Gay Man

Allen writes about reading comics and being inspired by female characters as a black gay man.

Being a Comics Fan is Harder and Easier than Ever

Geek culture is becoming more mainstream, but comics still suffers from issues of inclusivity, representation, and gatekeeping.