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6 Cute Graphic Memoirs About Relationships

Get your tea and blanket ready for some cute graphic memoirs about relationships to keep you warm this fall.

Read A Book Based On Your Relationship Status

Let’s be honest: the circumstances and situation of your relationship affect how you perceive love. And near St. Valentine’s Day, ...

10 Realistic Quotes about Relationships

People love quotes about love. But what if love for you isn’t a linear, shiny thing, but something more gnarled ...

Want to Build a Better Relationship? Read These 10 Books!

Build a better relationship with these personality theory books.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever: Reading With Your Partner

Love blooms when you and your partner can read together.

How a Book Taught Me to be a Better Partner

A memoir from a husband about his wife in a psych ward landed in my lap to teach me all the things my partner and I had been discussing just weeks earlier.

Russian SciFi & The End of a Relationship

Buckle in because this post is all about heartbreak and Russian literature, so you just know it’s going to be ...

Strengthening Your (Romantic) Relationships with Bedtime Stories

Reading out loud at bedtime: it's not just for kids.

Bringing Literary Love Into Your Relationships

Connect with your partner, your friends, or even your roommates with some literary bonding. We've got a list of fun ideas to strengthen your literary love.

Trapped in a Bad Situation? Let’s talk MELODY.

We’ve all been there: in a bad situation of our own making, feeling trapped but refusing to see that we’ve ...

4 Things to Love about ANGELA: QUEEN OF HEL

I feel compelled to preface this review by stating that I didn’t know what this book was when I requested it. ...

Story Time: What Books Have You Read for a Significant Other?

I recently had a discussion with some coworkers about books we read because of our significant others or potential significant ...

3 Webcomics You Can Read Straight Through Beginning to End

If having a mere dollop of plot parceled out to you on a daily—or worse—a weekly basis only leaves you craving ...

I’m Gay, Who’s My Dad?

If sixteen consecutive months of preadolescent girls exhorting us to “Let It Go,” has taught the world anything, it should ...

What's Love Got To Do, Got To Do With Books?

My guest co-host this week is the vivacious Allison Robicelli, pastry chef extraordinaire at Robicelli's bakery in Brooklyn and co-author of Robicelli's: a Love Story, With Cupcakes. Allison and I answer three listener-submitted questions about books and love and discuss issues such as: staying true to yourself and your own interests when in a relationship, the importance (or not) of loving the same kinds of books as your partner, whether or not you should look for a mate who is as book-crazy as you are, what to read when you've run out of "Dr. Who", and much, much more. Don't miss it!