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Please, Somebody Save Me From My Newest Reading Obsession

I cannot seem to stop myself from trying to read all the books nominated for literary awards, and it's killing my reading life.

A Case for Reading Multiple Books at a Time

Are you a one-book-at-a-time reader? It might be time to consider reading multiple books at a time. Take it from this convert.

Ode to the Emergency Book

Back in the day, before Kindles and text messages and the like, there was the emergency book. Look back on how it was an essential item.

Overcoming My Postpartum Reading Slump

ATUS Survey: Americans Are Reading Less—Is Television to Blame?

Statistics indicate that Americans are reading less for pleasure than in past years. Is the data accurate? If it is, why are we reading less?

Yeah, I Skip to the Last Chapter

Knowing what the ending of a book is allows you to pay attention to how the author gets you there, and more reasons it's ok to skip to the last chapter.

5 Weird Reading Habits I’ll Never Kick

Think about all the ways you read, listen to, and sometimes finish the books you're interested in. I'm sure we all have strange and unusual reading habits. What are some of your weird reading habits?

What Are Your Reading Habits?

One Rioter explores her reading habits and asks: what, who, and when do YOU read?

For Entertainment, Escape, and Education: Why We Read

Readers on why they read when they don't have to.

Reading is Sexy: Read a Book, Make Yourself More Attractive

A new study claims that reading makes someone more attractive, and we agree.