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Ways to Keep Up With Your Reading Goals in 2020

Already stressing about those 2020 reading resolutions? Don't worry--we're here with some tips to help you keep up with your reading goals this year.

My Only Reading Goal This Year is to Have Fun

How one reader arrived at the decision to pay less attention to how much he was reading, and more attention to how much reading fun he was having.

20 Ways to Read More Books in 2020

Do you want to up you reading goal in the new year? Check out these 20 tips to help you read more books and conquer your TBR.

Ideas for Making and Reaching Your New Year’s Reading Resolutions

For those of us still sorting out their New Year's reading resolutions, here's some guidance for creating, reaching, and tracking your bookish goals.

Let Audiobooks Help You Meet Your Reading Goals

Pick up a few tips on how to read more with audiobooks so can meet your yearly reading goals! Read on to smash those 2019 resolutions.

Does Rereading Count As Reading?

One reader muses on whether rereading old favorite books really counts as reading or not.

Our 2017 Bookish Resolutions

Have you made any bookish resolutions? Here are some of our reading goals and resolutions for the new year.

I Failed at the Goodreads Challenge Again, and I Feel Fine

It's great to have an ambitious reading goal, but this reader refuses to stress about whether she gets there.

Six Books to Reach Your Reading Goal

So you set yourself a reading goal, which you still haven’t reached, but now it’s December and you’re kind of ...

Bouncing Back from an “Off” Year of Reading

In late August I had my suspicions, and I confirmed it as the months wore on—this was an “off” year ...

Pages Ain’t Nothing But a Number (or, Let’s All Stop Judging People by How Much They Read)

January is a month for jumping into hopeful new horizons, while still contemplating the year that’s suddenly, surreally, behind us. ...

Our 2014 Readerly New Year’s Resolutions

What are your readerly resolutions for 2014? Do you want to read better, faster, more, or longer? Here’s some of ...

Our Readerly New Year’s Resolutions

Are you setting any bookish goals for the new year, or trying to have new/better/different reading habits? Here’s what some of ...

Size Does Matter :: Observations on Reading Goals

Last week, while talking about my failed attempt to achieve my 2011 reading goals, I realized something: numbers are deceiving. ...