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Halloween Reading Challenge Ideas for 2023

Click here for enough Halloween reading challenge ideas and book suggestions to fill a plastic pumpkin bucket — and then some.

Why I Keep Failing Reading Challenges, But I Still Try

How many of us keep failing reading challenges every year? I do it constantly, but I still try to complete them. Here's why.

52 Weekly Challenges to Up Your Reading Life in 2022

52 challenges to up your reading life in the new year that will inspire new habits, new adventures, and engagement with things that matter.

8 Helpful Readathon Hacks

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Looking forward to Star Wars Episode IX? Try this Star Wars Reading Challenge!

Take your comics reading challenge to the next level by taking on a Star Wars Reading Challenge in advance of STAR WARS Episode XI.

8 Personal Challenge Ideas For Your Bookish Bucket List

Eight ideas for personal challenges, reading dares, and significant milestones to help you draft a bookish bucket list for your reading life.

My Personal Comics Reading Challenge for 2019

A comic reader eager to expand her reading creates her own comics reading challenge. Are you making your own challenge, too?

The August Birthday Reading Challenge

Complete the August Birthday Reading Challenge by reading this list of books written by authors born in August. Which will you read first?

The Panic Read: Does It Really Matter If You Don’t Complete A Reading Challenge?

One reader has reached the realisation that she probably won't finish her reading challenge goals for the year. And that's okay.

The British Books Challenge 2017

Why one reader (and Brit) is going to read my works by British authors this year!