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At What Age Should We Stop Reading Aloud to Each Other? (The Answer is, Never!)

Bedtime stories are common for young children, but we're missing out if we stop reading aloud when we grow up.

Reading Aloud: A Letter of Recommendation

Trying to find new ways to get more reading in and really engage with your chosen stories? Try reading aloud solo or with buddies!

Keep Reading Aloud to the Kids (It’s Worth It)

Taking a look at why parents, teachers, and librarians prioritize reading aloud to the kids, and why this parent personally loves the activity.

Why You Should Read Nursery Rhymes to Your Toddler and 6 Books to Get You Started

A reader and parent discusses the benefits of reading aloud to kids, and recommends a selection of readaloud books for toddlers.

Bookish Parenting: Expectations Versus Reality

From reading to your child from day one to bedtime stories, bookish parenting expectations are real, but they don't always work out in reality.

Reading to Your Baby: The First Six Months

What makes reading aloud fun? Well, it helps when your baby starts paying attention. One reader discovers the importance of rhyme, cadence, and colour when reading to your baby.

10 Reasons Reading A Novel Aloud is My Favorite Winter Tradition

Reading a novel aloud as a family is the coziest thing you can possibly do.

5 Things That Happen When You Read To Your Toddler

A list of things that inevitably happen when you read to your toddler.

Ground Rules for Writing Great Kids’ Books

I have two small boys, who are significantly less-small than they were seemingly an instant ago. One is six and ...

Reading Aloud

It was the summer of 2008, and I couldn’t look at my dissertation ANY LONGER. I loathed its very existence, ...