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9 of the Best LGBTQ Middle Grade Novels for Pride

We're getting more great queer kidlit, and the brilliantly-written and relatable stories in these LGBTQ middle grade novels will steal your heart.

11 Upcoming LGBTQ Books to Preorder During Pride Month

What's the best way to celebrate Pride Month? Supporting queer authors by preordering these upcoming LGBTQ books, of course!

Queer and Here: 10 QPOC YA Books

With Pride Month in the rearview mirror, here are 10 YA novels starring QPoC for your to-read list this summer.

Celebrating Pride and Queer Lit with HIDE

On the importance of LGBTQ representation, complex queer relationships in fiction, and the novel HIDE by Matthew Griffin.

More Nonfiction On LGBTQ History And Culture

Great reads on LGBTQ history for Pride month!

3 On A YA Theme: Gender Fluid, Genderqueer, Gender Unspecified

To round out Pride Month, I wanted to touch on a spectrum of identities that are covered by the LGBTQIA+ acronym, even though ...