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PRIDE VS PREJUDICE: A Jane Austen Adaptations Showdown

Everyone knows the BBC Pride and Prejudice, but what about the other (many) Jane Austen adaptations? What's your favorite Emma, or Persuasion?

Book Fetish: Volume 269 — Romance Edition

Bookish goodies for your literary life--the romance edition!

5 Contemporary YA Jane Austen Retellings

It's no surprise that there are a wealth of YA Jane Austen retellings. Austen may be one of the best classic authors to bring to young adult books.

Literary Tourism: Jane Austen-Themed Destinations

Tourist destinations related to Jane Austen, her books, and film adaptations of her novels.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Adaptations, Ranked

Costume dramas, modernizations, a Bollywood musical, and one with zombies! Which adaptations of Jane Austen's masterpiece are the best?

Elizabeth Bennet: Manic Prideful Dream Girl? Of Course Not

A refutation of the claim that Elizabeth Bennet might be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Book Fetish: Volume 240

Book Lover Sneakers: This are amazing. You want them. You know you do. Pride and Prejudice Travel Mug: It me. Hibernate Sweatshirt: What ...

Totally Legitimate Literary Excuses

Literary excuses for when you're in a bind and need to sweet talk your way out of it.

Anatomy of a Scene: Darcy’s (first) Proposal

For this very special post-Valentine’s Day edition of Anatomy of a Scene, I am showing my love for you all ...

Romantic Heroes I Wouldn’t Date

For various reasons, I am only just now reading Wuthering Heights for the first time. (Actually, there’s only one reason: ...

5 Comics to Read if You Love PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

Comics have a reputation for being all-superhero all the time, and it’s true that because of their success on screen, ...

No One Wants To Read A “Healthy” Love Story

I am vehemently anti-Fifty Shades of Grey. From my perspective, Christian Grey is a bully whose approaches to sex reek of ...

And I’d Do It Again: Books We Wish We Could Read Again for the First Time

Sometimes a reading a particular book can be so amazing, so life-changing, or so personal, that when other people read it, ...

The Finest Book-Inspired Viral Videos

It is a blast gathering the finest viral videos, but let’s be clear about this: There will be some fantastic ...

Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Spiral of Pastiche… or When Adaptations Overshadow The Original

When it was announced that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most recent adventure, Love Never Dies, might be going on a national US ...