Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations
Riot Headline Americans Read Nearly 25% More Last Year, According to New Research

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Why I’m Breaking Up With YOU’VE GOT MAIL

What happens when a beloved story turns out to be anything but the happy, light-hearted one you believed it to be?

Books to Put on Hold at the Library Right Now

Don't hesitate when it comes to these new and upcoming releases! These fall 2021 books need to be put on hold at your local library ASAP.

Americans Read Nearly 25% More Last Year, According to New Research

Nearly every demographic polled in the 2020 American Time Use survey saw an increase in their reading time over 2019.

Reader, It Blew My Mind: The Legacy of Jane Eyre

Reflecting on a 100-level British Lit college course that blew her mind, one reader dives into the lasting legacy of Jane Eyre.

I Don’t Know You: Don’t Ask Me for Book Recommendations

It’s an art, recommending books to strangers. Something that takes skill and knowledge well beyond what I have.

Demolishing Public Libraries From The Inside: Niles Public Library Is a Warning

The Niles-Maine Public Library in suburban Chicago is being destroyed from the inside by politically-conservative Board officials.

How to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

This is how to find a book using a vague description, general idea of what happened, or even if you just remember a few themes.

Does Solving the Mystery Make a Difference?

How does being able to solve a mystery affect your enjoyment of mystery novels? It's probably a yes *and* no question.

The Best Paranormal Romances to Read Right Now

Paranormal romance is a mixture of weird creatures and swoony romance. Here's a list of 8 of the best paranormal romances to read right now.

On Letting Go of Childhood Favorites And What We Outgrow

It's something that we all struggle with: letting go. Especially of things that were part of our childhood or our identity for so long.