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A Dive into Pop Culture Cookbooks

These days, there's a cookbook for practically every franchise. We talk to two writers behind cookbooks for Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft.

Books About Going Viral on Social Media

We all love funny viral videos, but what happens after the 15 minutes of fame? Read these books about going viral on social media to find out. Start with Homebodies by Tembe Denton-Hurst.

Which Barbie Are You Based on Your Book Picks?

Are you a President Barbie or a Weird Barbie? Find out which Barbie you really are with this fun Barbie book quiz.

Things to Do Instead of Watching the Flash Movie

Despite the controversy surrounding the film, the Flash movie hasn't been pulled. But you don't have to watch it — here's what to do instead.

New Mystery/Thriller Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Movies

Here are eight brand new mystery/thrillers that are going to be great books to add to your TBR if you loved these movies. Star with The Nigerwife by VAdam Sass

How Nostalgia Has Crept Into My Reading Life

On the ways nostalgia has creeped into one millennial's reading life through books–and why sometimes that just feels right.

The Messiness of My Policeman, E. M. Forster, and Harry Styles

What does Harry Styles, policemen, and a 20-time Nobel Prize nominees have in common? One writer breaks it down.

10 Bookmarks for Pop Culture Lovers

Whether you love music, shows or memes; here are 10 great and fun bookmarks for pop culture lovers to enjoy!

Choose Your Next Witchy Read Based On Your Favorite TV Witch

With all of the wonderfully witchy witches in books these days, it can be hard to decide which one to read about next. Here's a little help.

The Changing Impact of Books and Timeless Truths: Thoughts While Reading STATION ELEVEN

A reader finally gets around to reading Station Eleven and ponders the changing impact of books over time.