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On Passing My Yearly Reading Goal

How did you do with your 2018 reading goal? Here's one reader on finally surpassing hers, and how she managed it this year.

Thank You, Rory Gilmore

How Rory Gilmore's love of books shaped one Gilmore Girls fan's life, and taught her a few things about appreciating books.

Audiobooks vs Reading: The Rules Are, There Are No Rules

Audiobooks vs reading is the argument that keeps on giving - but a love of reading shouldn't have rules. Let's appreciate both together! Hugs for everyone.

5 Weird Reading Habits I’ll Never Kick

Think about all the ways you read, listen to, and sometimes finish the books you're interested in. I'm sure we all have strange and unusual reading habits. What are some of your weird reading habits?

I’m Afraid of Long Fantasy Series

Do you shy away from time-consuming and complicated long fantasy series?

The Childhood Book that Scarred Me for Life

"That book I read as a child, along with so many others, shaped the adult I am today." One reader's experience with William Sleator's House of Stairs.

10 Tips for Reading on Your Morning Public Transit Commute

Advice for how to make the most out of your morning commute on: streetcars, subways, buses, ferries, and all other forms of public transit.

Bookstores: A Love Story

On drinking too much coffee at bookstore cafes, getting paid to work with books, and other bookstore rituals that make for an unforgettable love affair.

Why I Listen to the Hard Stuff

How one soft-hearted reader makes it through difficult books using audiobooks.

Reading My Way Through Parenthood

On the books that helped one reader and new parent get through parenthood and escape from the drudgery and responsibility of everyday life.