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Things ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Characters Do with Books Besides Reading Them

Books are important to the texture of everyday life in Orange Is the New Black, which is based on a memoir ...

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Man on the Land! We Don’t Need An Arc About Wonder Woman’s Brother

Let's not.

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So many book sightings in the fifth season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. And here are the titles one Rioter caught!

These Books Should Be Adapted for TV Immediately

Jessi highlights a variety of books that would adapt well to television series.

OITNB Season 3 Book Round-up (Spoiler-Free)

First things first, no spoilers here so no need to read slowly, one line at a time, with your mouse ...

On Being Book Shamed in Middle and High School

I’m hoping the world is kinder to young readers now. In middle school years, for some reason, it made sense ...

What I’m Watching During My Reading Slump

I went to the library today and brought home yet another book I’ll likely return unread, like The Ring and the ...

The Big Bookish Netflix Round-Up

Netflix’s instant streaming catalogue is a wonderful thing, made more wonderful by the immense number of bookish TV shows, feature ...

Orange is the New Black: The Most Important Difference Between Book and TV Show

As with any book-to-film adaptation, there are clear differences between Piper Kerman’s 2010 memoir Orange is the New Black: My ...