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I bring you these trans and nonbinary witch books, because there is something inherently magical about queer, trans, and nonbinary lives.

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From vampire realms to war-torn worlds, here are eight nonbinary sci-fi and fantasy books you need to check out now.

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Let's take a dive into LGBTQ+ non-fiction with these 8 raw and powerful memoirs written by nonbinary authors!

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We can fight for LGBTQIA+ representation by combating literary censorship. Here are 12 up-and-coming trans and nonbinary authors to support.

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In this Read Harder Challenge post, we're recommending books for the task asking you to read a romance by a trans and/or nonbinary author.

Marvel Misses the Mark With First Nonbinary Superhero, And How

This reader has some questions about Marvel's first nonbinary superhero. From the character design, to the names, to the team, they missed the mark.

THEY/THEM: 5 Nonbinary and Genderqueer Writers

Akwaeke Emezi, JY Yang, and more nonbinary and genderqueer authors and poets.