#New York Public Library

Books I Love: NYPL’s #LoveReading Campaign

For the #LoveReading campaign, a reader talks up books that are personal favorites from the NYPL's librarian-curated list of Books We Love.

Happy 125th Birthday, NYPL: View Their All-Time Top Check Outs

Celebrate the New York Public Library's 125th anniversary with a commemorative library and metro card, a tote, and this list of their top 10 book checkouts.

ThriveNYC Collaborating with NYPL to Support Mental Wellness

ThriveNYC and NYPL collaborate to bring mental wellness support to patrons at the library.

Getting Whitmanian: Walt Whitman At The New York Public Library

If you're in New York, make a stop at the New York Public Library and check out their ode to Walt Whitman in honor of his 200th birthday.

My Library Card Made Me Less of a Picky Reader

How the reading habits of a library latecomer changed, and expanded, upon gaining access to that most cherished bookish item: a library card.

Ode to Two More Great Libraries

One woman continues her discussion of the great libraries in the world, focusing on the Chester Beatty in Dublin and the NY Public library flagship in NYC.

Books and Children First: Bookish Apocalypse Movies

A reader finds bookish connections in a guilty pleasure: disaster films. A look at the way books are mythologized in stories of the world's end.

A Defense of the NYPL’s Summer Reading List For Kids

Librarian soapbox alert! Librarian soapbox alert! And here I was thinking I’d make it through a whole summer without getting ...

Ten of the Most Beautiful Libraries Ever Built (In Minecraft)

Over Easter weekend, my nephew received a set of Minecraft LEGOs. He was overjoyed, but I couldn’t really grasp his excitement. Lots ...