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QUIZ: What Should Your 2023 Bookish New Year’s Resolution Be?

Trying to find the perfect bookish new year's resolution to spice up your reading life? This quiz can help you find it!

8 New Year’s Children’s Books

New Year's children's books to help young readers get excited to celebrate the beginning of the year and learn about New Year's traditions, including Freedom Soup by Tami Charles, illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántar.

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A list of 20 New Year's Poems that are hopeful, positive, and reflective to read at the beginning of the year for a new start.

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Usher in the new year with these quotes from literary icons.

QUIZ: What Should Your Bookish New Year’s Resolution Be?

New year, new reading goals! Take our Bookish New Year's Resolution Quiz to find the perfect way to up your reading game.

8 Books to Read Before You Make Your New Year Resolutions List

This list of books for New Years resolutions is a combo of self-help books and memoirs/personal perspective books to help you write your goals for 2019.

The First Novel I Read Every Year

One reader on not being a rereader, yet reading the same first novel to begin each year.

Book Riot’s 2018 Bookish Resolutions

What are your resolutions for the new year? Read Riot contributor's bookish resolutions for inspiration and share your own in the comments.

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