Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


11 New and Upcoming Children’s Books About Nature

Enjoy these great new and upcoming children's books about nature with the young ones in your life -- or by yourself. Read on for the full list.

Backpacking Books For Complete Beginners

The key to starting your backpacking journey is reading these backpacking books! Learn woodscraft, tent pitching, and, of course, how to poop like a bear.

Books for Your Inner Flower Child

We've got books for hippies from the 60s-70s, and current reads about shirking convention in search of a radical, counter-cultural lifestyle.

Bee Best: 18 Buzzworthy Bee Books for Readers of All Ages

This list includes children’s literature and books geared toward teen and adult bee lovers, but bee lovers of all ages can probably enjoy any book.

Rewilding and The Power In Nature’s History

The power of nature, as seen through literature.

Use Books to Inspire Your Kids to Love Fall

Libraries, picnics, and bedtime ideas to help your kids learn to love fall.

50 Must-Read Books On Nature and Science

50 books to get you started on nature and science, why they matter, and what we can do to appreciate them more.

Women Are Writing More Scientific Memoirs, and We’re Into It

Women science and nature writers are writing nature and science memoir mashups that are personal and fun and science-rich.

Best Science/Nature Books Published This Summer

Excellent books about science and nature that came out this summer!

100 Must-Read Books About the National Parks

In celebration of the National Park Service's 100th anniversary, coming up on August 25th, here are 100 must-read books about America's national parks.