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What To Read While You Wait For The New NANCY DREW Comics

We're getting Nancy Drew comics! With an openly gay George! If you can't wait for the new Nancy Drews, here are some readalikes to tide you over.

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Why the plucky, brave detective is just who we need right now.

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A list of Nancy Drew readalikes, modern and older books to read if you love teen sleuths, girl detectives, and middle grade and young adult mysteries.

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A modern Nancy Drew is a Nancy Drew we don't really like.

Nostalgia, Murder, and Comic Book Adaptations

Two old properties have rebooted themselves through murder plots. Why is this convention so popular?

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Why we need more modern girl detectives in the style of Nancy Drew and Phryne Fisher.

POV in Detective Stories

A look at what character points of view are most popular in detective fiction.

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