These Books Rock: 10 YA Books About Musicians

Loving both music and books is doubly good for you, right? These YA books about musicians span different genres of young adult literature.

Mysteries and Thrillers Starring Musicians

Mysteries and thrillers starring musicians are not exactly a dime a dozen, but the quality of these eight novels makes up for the quantity.

10 of the Best Books About Musicians

Rock out with these reads! Learn about the lives and trajectories of fictional and real-life music artists through these compelling books about musicians.

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These books like DAISY JONES AND THE SIX might satisfy your need to keep reading about groovy tunes and the power of music.

Simon Curtis And More Young Adult Authors Who Literally Rock

Simon Curtis and Other Young Adult Authors Who Are Musicians: Jeff Zentner, David Arnold, Whitney Gardner, and More!

The Bookish Life of Florence Welch

On the bookish life of Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine.

Reading With Matt Nathanson

Dancing In The Library: The Great Bookish Songbook – Vol. 2

Bookish Celebrities: The Musicians