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Literary Tourism: Oxford, UK

It’s difficult to write about Oxford and literature without it getting cliche. There have already been so many pieces about ...

Public Places to Read (Other Than a Café)

Reading (or working) in cafes has become a habit for most. Why not change it up? Next time you're heading out for an afternoon of reading take a look at this list of recommended public places to read that are a little more unexpected and a lot more fun.

Literary Tourism: Lima, Peru

We're heading to Lima, Peru, in this week's edition of Literary Tourism.

Genre Kryptonite: Books About Archives and Museums

Books for those who can't stop reading about museums and archives.

Coloring Books from Libraries & Museums for #ColorOurCollections Week

Think of it like karaoke for library and museum collections–a chance to put your own spin on a classic and ...

Literary Tourism: Ireland Outside of Dublin

Dublin gets most of the attention when discussing literary spots in Ireland, but there are also plenty of awesome libraries, ...

Literary Tourism: Dublin

If you’re looking for a bookish destination, Dublin has you covered. With a literary tradition going back centuries, including being ...

Cool Bookish Places: National Palace Museum, Taipei

I kicked off my winter vacation this year with a short trip to Taiwan. I had never been, and I ...

Literary Tourism: 19th Century Paris

Everyone knows Paris is called the City of Lights. But what sort of lights? In French, the word for light, ...