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Best of Comics Fetish 2016

In keeping with the best-of theme this week, we bring you the best of Comics Fetish!

Comics Fetish: Volume 85

Gird your wallets! Another edition of Comics Fetish, our roundup of the best geek gear from around the Internet, is here.

“Why Would You Want To Encourage Gay People?”: LGBTQ+ Representation In Libraries

Thomas discusses why it's important to have LGBTQ+ materials in a library collection, and positive and negative responses he's received as a result.

Finding Inspiration in Ms Marvel

Latonya isn't much of capes and tights reader, but when life got her down recently, she found inspiration in Ms Marvel.

I’ve Read Ms Marvel, What’s Next?

No Context Given: HEY It’s Wolverine!

Adventures of a Comic Book Newbie: Why Do Series Use Substitute Artists?

Comics Fetish: Volume 67

How to Decoupage a Magazine File for Comics Storage

20 Things I Learned from Ms. Marvel