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25 of the Best Middle School Books for Today’s Readers

Read on for the best middle school books, ranging in topics from friendship to sisterhood to immigration, as well as just figuring yourself out.

Books You Read in Middle School That Need to be Reread as an Adult

With age comes perspective, and perhaps the ability to find new meaning and depth in these books you may have read (and disregarded) in middle school.

50 Must-Read Middle School Mystery Books

Fifty twisty middle school mystery books for the budding sleuth, organized by grade level.

On Being Book Shamed in Middle and High School

I’m hoping the world is kinder to young readers now. In middle school years, for some reason, it made sense ...

The First Time I Met a Living Author

It was 6th grade and I was 12 years old. Already, I had decided to become a writer when I ...