Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


Ronan Farrow Cuts Ties with Publisher Hachette Over Woody Allen Memoir

Ronan Farrow has cuts ties with publisher Hachette over their decision to publish Woody Allen's memoir.

5 of the Best Nonfiction Books About Sexual Assault

If you're looking for more information, stories, and thoughts on sexual assault and #MeToo, give these nonfiction books a read.

New Books That Explore the #MeToo Movement and Its Impact

These new books, focusing on #MeToo and its impact, will hit shelves just in time for the movement's two-year anniversary.

Has DISCLOSURE Aged Well in a MeToo Era?

A close look back at Michael Crichton's DISCLOSURE and how the power and workplace dynamics read from where we stand in the #MeToo era.

Books That Perfectly Illustrate Why Women Remain Silent

From novels based on real-life events to nonfiction, these books that confront sexual violence and speak volumes for the victims of abuse.

The Detail That Most CAT PERSON Discussions Missed

Taking a look back at the viral short story CAT PERSON, a reader analyzes some missed points about consent and communication in sexual encounters.

Help Fund Comics Creators’ Legal Defense Fund Against Accused Sexual Harasser

Several comics creators have come forward saying Cody Pickrodt sexually harassed them, and Pickrodt is now suing them. Help fund their legal fees.

Junot Díaz Accused Of #MeToo Misconduct

Author Junot Díaz has become the latest in a string of authors accused of misconduct.

Cleaning Up My Bookshelves in the Wake of #MeToo

One reader has decided to remove books by authors who have been accused of sexual misconduct, and replace them with books by women.

Sean Penn to Publish Debut Novel, Takes on Trump and #metoo Movement

Actor Sean Penn has written a novel, titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff; the novel takes on Donald Trump and numerous contemporary social and political movements.