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Comics About Depression That Are Too Accurate To Ignore

Whether or not you struggle yourself, you'll want to pick up these comics about depression to better understand this complex, frustrating mental illness.

The Struggle Is Real: YA Books About Social Anxiety

Dig into these YA books about social anxiety and better understand the sometimes debilitating struggle many endure every single day.

Self-Help Books For Depression

It’s that time of year, when even the most mentally healthy of individuals find themselves falling under the dark cloud ...

How a Book Taught Me to be a Better Partner

A memoir from a husband about his wife in a psych ward landed in my lap to teach me all the things my partner and I had been discussing just weeks earlier.

Reading is Good for Your Mental Health: Here’s Why

Many of us already *feel* like reading is good for your mental health - but is it? Science says it is, and we give some examples.

Comic Books and Depression

These comics tackle mental health issues and reflected one Rioter's personal experiences with depression.

Books That Aren’t About Anxiety but Helped Me Anyway

While these books aren't about anxiety, they might help when anxiety starts creeping in.

When the Universe Gives You the Book You Need

When the universe drops the book you need into your hands.

It’s Time to Talk Day: 10 YA Books to Get the Conversation Rolling

Here in the UK, February 2nd is Time To Talk Day 2017. It’s run by an organisation called Time to ...

14 Books To Read For Mental Health Awareness

Fourteen unique perspectives on living with mental illness.

A Trichy Pull-List: Best Books on Compulsive Hair-Pulling

Books about trichotillomania to read for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Reading, Depression, and Me

Last month, Rioter Amanda wrote about the challenges she had while trying to read during a bout with depression. The ...

Genre Kryptonite: Therapy Memoirs

I’ll be honest: I have benefited from therapy and would probably benefit from more. Long-term, low-grade depression is part of ...