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Shang-Chi, Fu Manchu, and Marvel’s Asian Problem

We're taking a hard look at Marvel's problematic history with Asian characters as Marvel Studios fast-tracks a Shang-Chi movie.

Netflix Drops Trailer for Marvel’s THE PUNISHER

Get ready for more punishment: Netflix just dropped the trailer for it's next Marvel series, The Punisher, set to debut sometime in late 2017.

Minor SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Characters We Want More Of

Spider-Man: Homecoming's main cast was a delight but its minor characters also provided some of the most enjoyable moments.

A Marvel Studios FANTASTIC FOUR Dream Cast Doomed Before it Started

Paul excellently dream casts a (now improbable) Marvel Fantastic Four.

Oh, Comics! Podcast #39: Honey, I Shrunk the Rudd

Paul and Preeti talk about ANT-MAN on our latest episode of Oh, Comics!

Marvel Studios and Diversity

Panelteer Ali discusses diversity at Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios, Spider-Man, and Diversity

We’ll see yet another Spider-Man movie (the 6th since 2002) before Marvel Studios puts out films with a woman or person of color as the lead.

Marvel’s Movie Slate and Why I’m Excited

My social media feeds blew up on Tuesday in response to a special live “Marvel Studios  Event,” at which Kevin Feige ...

Comic-Con International: A Bookish Round-up of SDCC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! At least it is if you’re a bit on the geeky side. ...