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What to Read Before Marvel’s SECRET INVASION

Marvel's SECRET INVASION is dropping on Disney+ on June 21. Here are eight great comics to read before you watch.

Across the Spider-Verse and the Rejection of Fatalism

One of the things that struck me about the film was the way that it subverts and outright defies one of my very least favorite tropes in comics.

Why Is Sexy She-Hulk Art So Dang Fun?

Was is it about these cheesecake She Hulk covers that are so dang fun? Oh yeah: it's that Jen is in on the joke.

Why Moon Knight and Mental Health Representation Matters to Me

It's powerful to see mental health issues depicted in different types of art, and Oscar Isaac in MOON KNIGHT has blown me away.

Who is The Thing? A History of One of Marvel’s Oldest Heroes

The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four and one of the strongest Marvel superheroes. But who exactly is The Thing?

The Best Avengers Villains Who Have Fought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

In all the years since Iron Man premiered, we've seen some of the best Avengers villains hit screens big and small as part of the MCU.

Who Is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine?

Who is Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, what are her powers, and what is she doing in the MCU? This guide covers it.

Where To Start Reading Marvel Comics: Your Reading Order

While there is no way we can cover all of your options on where to start reading Marvel comics, start with these three options.

Who Is She-Hulk? Everything You Should Know About The Marvel Heroine

A Deep Dive Into the Marvel Comics Universe: How Big Is It?

Marvel has been around for 82 years, and with so many comics and characters, let's explore just how big the Marvel Comics universe is!