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Upcoming Manga Releases of 2018

Want to pick up some brand new manga series? Check out these upcoming manga releases. There's something for everyone--from classic manga to a queer autobiography and romances.

Read the Manga That Inspired These Spring 2018 Anime Shows

Interested in checking out the original manga that inspired shows from the current spring 2018 anime season? Here's a list of series that might have slipped under your radar.

A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Horror

The best horror stories give us insight into the host culture, a snapshot of the prevalent beliefs and anxieties at that point in time. Read on for the best Japanese horror novels and manga.

8 Non-Romance Manga Created by Women

There are lots of manga created by women, but many of them fall into the romance genre. If you're interested in non-romance manga, however, here are some to get you started.

5 Great Books That Will Fit In Your Bag

Are you the kind of reader who only carries purses large enough to hold a book? This one's for you: five excellent books that will fit in your bag.

4 Completed Romance Manga Series to Binge On This Valentine’s Day

Looking for something to binge read on Valentine's Day? Here's a list of completed romance manga to get your read-a-thon on.

12 Horror Manga to Terrify You All Year Long

Interested in reading some horror manga? Here's a list of 13 titles -- with some classics and some newer series -- to get you started.

Put These Anticipated 2018 Manga on Your To-Read List

Rioter Vernieda highlights a few anticipated 2018 manga titles to put on your reading list. From classic manga to fairy tale retellings, there's something for everyone!

8 Winter 2018 Manga to Check Out During the Current Anime Season

The new anime season is here! Here are the winter 2018 manga to check out if you want to do a readalong while you watch.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Manga Lovers

Are you a little lost when it comes to buying gifts for your manga-loving friends? Rioter Vernieda has a few gift ideas for manga lovers to help you out!

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Cooking Manga

Looking for a sweet new manga series to binge this fall? Look no further!

Overwhelmed By Shelves of Manga? Try 3-In-1s and Omnibuses!

Manga is one of those unique reading experiences that can have you feeling totally lost among thousands volumes and totally ...

3 Cat Manga Titles for Neko Atsume Fans

Are you a fan of Neko Atsume? Then you probably should look up these cat manga.

Why I’m Excited for the CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Sequel

Let's discuss why you need to read CARDCAPTOR SAKURA and why Megan is excited for the sequel.

A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Manga

Intimidated by the thought of reading manga? Panelteer Vernieda offers up an introductory guide to the basics to help you out!