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Magical Realism is For Us By Us and Toni Morrison was the Queen

A reader remembers Toni Morrison, how she returned to the late author's work, and how it impacted her outlook on writing and magical realism.

Exclusive Interview With Steph Post on Her New Novel MIRACULUM

In the world of indie crime novels, you won’t find many¬†writers with more momentum than Steph Post. After a gritty ...

This Is Where To Start With Magical Realism Short Stories

Here are some of the most impactful magical realism short stories, including short story collections and the best authors in the genre.

What Is Magical Realism?

What is Magical Realism? It can be hard to pin down. Ultimately we have the authors of Latin America to thank for this, quite literally, fantastic genre. Magical Realism has come to encompass surealism and fabulism and helps us to reconsider the realities we've become too embroiled in to think about questioning.

100 Must Reads Of Magical Realism

Here are 100 magical realism must-reads and diverse recommendations, from novels to short story collections.

The 10 Best Books to Introduce You to Magical Realism

Ten great book recommendations to introduce you to the world of magical realism.

Meet Your New Favorite Darkly Comic, Magical Realist Writer: Eden Robinson

An introduction to the Indigenous, Canadian author Eden Robinson who writes gritty, raw fiction that is magical, hilarious, suspenseful, and moving.

Book Style: BONE GAP by Laura Ruby

An outfit inspired by the cover and themes of Laura Ruby's Bone Gap.

Book Style: OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY by Janina Matthewson

In today’s Book Style we’re embracing the change of seasons, the whimsy of nature (human and Mother), and the magic ...

Defining The End of the World As We Know It: Apocalyptic vs. Dystopia vs. Spec Fic

Ever since Sherman Alexie pushed Lepucki’s post-apocalyptic book, California: A Novel, on Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report and into the mainstream ...