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Little Free Library to Launch an Indigenous Library Program

The Indigenous Library Program will start this spring and distribute books to underserved Indigenous communities throughout North America.

How Much Time and Money Does it Take to Maintain a Little Free Library?

If you've thought of starting one, but were wondering about the cost of a Little Free Library, this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Little Free Library Add-Ons to Make Your LFL a Local Landmark

Personalize your Little Free Library with these LFL add-ons and accessories, from decorative mounts to custom stamps and bookmarks!

Little Free Library Etiquette

Standard Little Free Library etiquette involves the standard “take a book, leave a book," but here are some further, more nuanced, rules.

Are Little Free Libraries Better in Wealthy Neighborhoods?

Are Little Free Libraries better in wealthier parts of town? I visited 25 of them in different areas of my city to compare and find out.

Please Don’t Donate These Books

You might be thinking there's a reader for every book, but here's the breakdown on what books you shouldn't donate. Librarians will thank you.

What is the Little Free Library Unbound Digital Event Series?

Learn about the Little Free Library Unbound digital event series, including the Read in Color initiative promoting BIPOC authors.

A Little Free Library Walking Tour of My Neighborhood

In a city with almost 400 Little Free Libraries, are they actually worth visiting? I documented every LFL in my neighborhood to find out.

Searching for Little Free Libraries As a Way to Say Goodbye

A reader on saying goodbye not only to the books she can't bring on the next phase of her journey, but to her roomie, her sister.

A New Role for Little Free Libraries

Taking a look at some of the helpers who are turning their Little Free Libraries into Little Free Pantries to help neighbors in need during the pandemic.