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Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars & Help Some Classrooms!

Indie Bookstores Boycott FedEx Over NRA Ties

Phoenix-based indie bookstore, Changing Hands Bookstore, recently announced that they'll no longer be using FedEx for their outbound shipping services, due to the company's ties to the NRA. Other indie booksellers are doing the same.

Action Item: Bilingual Books for English Language Learners

Do some good by funding these public school classrooms!

Prison Libraries: Banning and Unbanning THE NEW JIM CROW

The recent banning and unbanning of Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow highlights the importance of books in prisons and issues of limiting prison library materials.

Action Item: Basic Human Needs in CA and MN

Donate to provide clothes, fans, and hygiene items to public school kids in need.

Action Item: Classroom Libraries in MA and WI

Help fund classroom libraries at schools with largely low-income populations.

Action Item: Funding Classroom Libraries in Flint, Michigan

Do some good by providing books to classrooms in Flint, Michigan.

Action Item: PageSlayers Summer Camp

Help raise money for a writing summer camp for kids!

Action Item: Diverse Classroom Libraries in MD & NY

Let's fund these classrooms!

Back This Project: A Menstrual Hygiene Comic for Girls in Rural India

Spotlighting an IndieGoGo for a comic that teaches girls to not be ashamed of their bodies.