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Why a Pop Up Library is the Most Fun You’ll Have All Day

Why a pop up library work to break down barriers between the library's four walls and its users, specifically reluctant readers.

Public Library Book Displays, Diversity, and Responsibility

Creating book displays at public libraries: a seemingly mundane task that is actually quite a responsibility.

Coffee Cups and Time Capsules: Cool Things in Public Libraries

Awesome programs and extras found in public libraries.

Dispatches from Library Land: October 2016

Book Riot's librarians discuss a library's tribute to Pulse, the arrest of a librarian who defended free speech, the attack on diversity in Children's books, and more.

Queer Phobia and The Public Library

Public libraries serve their entire community, but why is it that queer people may be turned off by their own libraries? A look at the ways librarians can better serve queer patrons -- and their communities as a whole.

Empty Shelves: My Weird Relationship with Book Buying

How years of not buying books has changed one reader's relationship to book purchasing now.

The Book Lover’s Guide to Living Abroad

A book lover's guide to successfully finding and exploring books while abroad.

Biblioburro Librarian Needs a New Leg

Help the Biblioburro librarian purchase a new prosthetic leg.

Libraries: My Home Away From Home

One Rioter reminisces about all the times libraries have been her home away from home.

5 Fictional Libraries I’d Love to Visit IRL

Awesome fictional libraries we wouldn't mind getting lost in.

Dispatches from Library Land: September 2016

Book Riot's librarians discuss a library that suggests books based on tattoos, LGBT books in the kids section, libraries with musical instruments, and more.

5 Reasons You Should Have a Library Card

It's National Library Card Sign-Up Month! Here are 5 quick reasons you should go get a library card.

The Magic of the Library at Night

An exploration of the enchanting bookish exhibit, The Library at Night, a collaboration with Alberto Manguel and Ex Machina.

Literary Tourism: Montpelier, VT

Bookish destinations in Montpelier, Vermont.

Dispatches from Library Land: August 2016

Book Riot's librarians discuss Syria's secret free library, a library that operates in two countries at once, Australia's yearly Reading Hour, and more.