Riot Headline COVID-19 Updates from the Bookish World


Open, Inclusive, Diverse, Free: Libraries Are for Everyone

A new movement has emerged in the library world: libraries are for everyone.

The Prettiest Library Cards (As Seen in the #RiotGrams Challenge)

Fancy library cards shared in our February Instagram challenge!

Freedom to Read: The 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-In

Decades before the lunch counter sit-ins of the Civil Rights era, a group of black men in Virginia were sitting in for equal access to books.

Libraries Resist: A Round-Up of Tolerance, Social Justice, & Resistance in US Libraries

US libraries showcase their commitments to inclusivity, social justice, tolerance, and more.

Making Friends at the Library

One reader on how she made new friends at her local public library after moving to a new place...twice!

Once a Library Kid, Always a Library Kid

The warm & comforting memories of life as a kid in the library.

How to Create Awesome Book Displays

A public librarian gives a comprehensive guide for setting up excellent book displays!

Dispatches from Library Land: January 2016

Display ideas, helpful lists, and news from the land of public libraries!

It Isn’t Heroic To Use a Fake Library Card To Save Unread Books

Why using a fake library card to "save" unread library books doesn't serve the community.

The Libraries that Brought Us to Tears

Two readers and librarians on the times they've cried in the library.

Thank You, Library, For Giving Me My Groove Back

How one reader found her reading groove again after hanging out at the library.

Update on the Ferguson Library

After the shooting of Michael Brown, donations poured into the Ferguson library. Here's what they've done with the money!

How I Learned to Exercise Self-Care Through My Local Library

A workaholic Rioter learns to set aside her to-do list in favor of practicing healthy self-care by using her local library.

The Power of the Accidental Find

The Accidental Find is simply finding books serendipitously. It creates a more varied approach to reading and change the way you look at books in general

Dispatches from Library Land: November 2016

Book Riot's librarians discuss 25 jobs you can do with a library degree, a rad librarian who's speaking up about the disability community in libraries, happy birthday to the Library of Congress, and more.