Riot Headline COVID-19 Updates from the Bookish World


100 Staff Picks From My Public Library

A public librarian shares some of her branch's most popular staff picks!

Neutrality in the Library? Don’t Give Me that Bullsh*t

Libraries literally cannot remain neutral in the face of “alternative facts” and blatant hatred.

7 Fabulous Enamel Pins for Library Lovers

Wear some library love flair with these sweet enamel pins.

18 Weird Things You Can Borrow From Your Local Library

Skeletons, prom dresses, dogs, and dulcimers -- these are just some of the weird things you could check out from your local library.

Mea Culpa, Library; Mea Maxima Culpa

One Rioter issues a series of mea culpas to the library she loves and relies upon.

Booksellers and Librarians On the Weirdest Requests They’ve Gotten At Work

Two booksellers and two librarians came together to tell you about some of the weird and impossible requests they got on the job.

Book Fetish: Volume 272 — Library Edition

Bookish goodies for your literary life--the library edition!

3 Things I Learned From Running My Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program

Lessons learned by a public librarian as she runs her library's adult summer reading programs.

Library Privatization Passes Despite Public Outcry

Escondido citizens unsuccessfully fought a city council vote for library privatization, a movement that takes libraries out of community hands.

100 Happy Bookish Feelings

100 things about books and reading that just feel darn good.

The Weird Things Librarians Find in Books

Librarians are on the front lines of handling books, so they see their share of weird things. Here are a few examples.

Reading With the Codebreakers at Bletchley Park

On the books that tell the stories of Bletchley Park's codebreakers and one reader's experience visiting the historic landmark.

Lions, Circuses, and Bears Oh My! 7 Kids’ Picture Books Set in a Library

A selection of charming and delightful children's picture books that are set in libraries.

Libraries Won a Victory In Congress: Here’s How You Can Help Them Win More

One House Appropriations Committee recommends that the government continues to fund libraries. Here is what you can do to show your support.

Why Libraries Matter

A reader's personal story about why libraries are so important.