8 Signs You’re A Library Power User

Do you sometimes type your library card number instead of your credit card number? Do you know your library hours by heart? You might be a library power user.

Public Places to Read (Other Than a Café)

Reading (or working) in cafes has become a habit for most. Why not change it up? Next time you're heading out for an afternoon of reading take a look at this list of recommended public places to read that are a little more unexpected and a lot more fun.

Donate To EveryLibrary In Honor of National Library Week

It's National Library Week, and we're spreading the word about EveryLibrary, an organization that supports local library initiatives throughout the US.

A Roundup of Fierce Fictional Librarians

To celebrate National Library Week, we rounded-up some of our favorite fictional librarians.

Random Observations of a Former Fine Arts Library Page

In honor of National Library Week, here a few observations I've made in my time working at my university's fine arts library.

A Love Letter to the Library Hold System

One reader's love letter to the public library hold system that has provided her so many great pieces of literature over the years.

What Library Staff Members are Reading This Week

I walked around my five-floor downtown library and asked all my fellow staff members what they're reading right now. From board books to classics to science fiction and heavy nonfiction, there's a book for everyone.

Wait, There’s Not a Rolling Library Ladder?: One Librarian’s Reality Check

Did you get into librarianship with pictures of the Beauty and the Beast library dancing in your head? Time for a reality check.

Ode to Two More Great Libraries

Ode to My 2 Favorite Libraries: The British Library and the Newberry Library

One woman discusses the collections and exhibitions of her two favorite libraries in the world: The British Library and the Newberry Library

A Tour of Austin’s New Central Library

Take a peek inside Austin's New Central Library.

Library Holiday Displays Abound for the Coziest Season

A quick little look at some of the bookish library holiday displays we've found around Instagram. What's your library doing to show the holiday spirit?

Book Fetish: Volume 282 — Library Edition

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

The State of Sexual Harassment in the Library

In light of #metoo and escalating cultural conversation around sexual assault and harassment, we take a deep dive into the problems of sexual harassment in the library.

Literary Tourism: Cambridge UK

A literary jaunt through Cambridge