Riot Headline COVID-19 Updates from the Bookish World


How To Be A Good Library Patron

As a librarian, I think I could be forgiven for thinking that not enough people use the library. In fact, ...

Remembering My Literary Landmarks In Livermore, California

With each move, mystery surrounds me and my partner’s lives. Until friends and family visited us in Livermore, California, a ...

46 Excruciating Days And Nights Of Not Buying Books

This is what it looks like when a reader gives up buying books for 46 days for Lent.

Trump’s 2020 Budget Proposal Threatens to Defund Libraries

Defunding the IMLS would effectively end all federal funding of public libraries.

Weighing My Road Trip Books

If you were traveling without your personal and public library for at least six weeks, what books would you bring?

The Top 10 Books of 2018 (According to My Local Library)

If you are wondering which books the patrons of the Cuyahoga County Public Library couldn’t get enough of, here are the 10 most borrowed books in 2018.

8 Things I Learned Behind the Circulation Desk

Working at your local public library is full of surprises!

Books and Politics

Anyone who tells you books aren't political is trying to oppress you.

Literary Tourism: Tulsa, OK

“Tulsa is a literary town. Always has been. Our job is to keep it that way.” These words from Booksmart ...

Use Books to Inspire Your Kids to Love Fall

Libraries, picnics, and bedtime ideas to help your kids learn to love fall.

Librarians Must Weed Their Book Collection

It is a librarian's job to make sure that the library maintains an updated, relevant collection of books that suits the needs of all its community members.

What Makes a Great (and Bad) Library Story Time

A library researcher and mum writes reviews of different baby story times and comments on what works and what works less well.

13 Awesome Children’s Libraries Around The U.S. That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

Get ready to drool over these gorgeous, innovative, bright, and creative children's libraries and library spaces around the United States.

An Ode to Libraries, the Original Co-Working Spaces

In light of some recent discussion about the benefit of libraries versus bookstores, here's one reader on libraries as coworking spaces.

Showing Up for LGBTQ+ Readers in June at the Library

A librarian on the importance of showing up for LGBTQ+ teens at the library during Pride Month.