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Tips for showing love at the libraries in your life from a school librarian living the dream. (Hint: USE US!)

I’m Not a Superhero: The Stress of Library Work

Librarians are often seen as community superheroes, but the increasing stress of library work can take a negative toll on our mental health, and it can prevent us from talking about our jobs and our personal needs honestly.

Neutrality in the Library? Don’t Give Me that Bullsh*t

Libraries literally cannot remain neutral in the face of “alternative facts” and blatant hatred.

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Rachel Weisz in The Mummy, Seinfeld's Bookman, and more excellent librarians from pop culture.

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When it comes to reading, we librarians are simple creatures: if you love reading, if you love stories, we love you.

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Reference Resources Librarians Don’t Want You to Know About (*Wink*)