10 Bookish Headlines to Celebrate the Kindle 10th Anniversary

On the 10th anniversary of the launch of Kindle, 10 bookish headlines to remember.

The Joys of Reading in the Bath

Waterproof Kindles might make bath time reading easier, but it's always been a readerly pleasure.

How to Gift a Kindle Book (And Five Reasons Why You Should)

Easy instructions for how to gift a kindle book, some great tips for how to creatively wrap ebooks, and a few other great ideas for digital book gifts.

5 Rules For Rebuilding My Physical Library

One Rioter on rebuilding a physical library and the rules for stocking it.

I Wish Ebook Retailers Valued Ebooks

Do ebook retailers feel free to remove ebooks from devices because they don't actually value the product?

A Visit to the Amazon Bookstore

My E-Reader Is Selling Me Toilet Paper

Now, Voyage: Amazon’s Newest Ereader

Accidentally Going Digital

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