Riot Headline The Most Read Books on Goodreads This Week


Reading, Then Writing With Kids

A parent on the experience of watching her son read with, and write a book for, his younger brother, and the benefits of the process.

How to Read Problematic Baby Books

On that moment when the book you're reading problematic baby books to your kid that has racist or sexist parts: do you keep going, or stop?

Ode to Library Holds

A reader muses on library holds and interlibrary loans, which make books more accessible and their patrons' reading lives more convenient.

What’s up with Baby Board Books?

What's the point of board books, other than giving babies something to chew on?

A Light in the Darkness: JANE, THE FOX & ME

Jane, the Fox, & Me by Emily Arsenault and Fanny Britt is a thoughtful and nuanced look at childhood bullying.

How Mirka Got Her Sword: Yarn, Yelling, and Yiddish in Hereville

Monica discusses the graphic novel How Mirka Got Her Sword, and the religious and fairy tale themes that run through it.

Happily Ever After…Without the Kids

One author on why we need more heroines in literature who don't end up with children.

Parenting as a Reader

What tips do you offer readers who are navigating the early stages of parenting?

10 Adorable Children Reciting Poems

Watch 10 YouTube videos of adorable children reciting poems.

Kids Should Read Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want

Why one Rioter will let her kids read whatever books they want to pick up, at any age.