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4 Fantasy Must-Reads for Austen Fans

Excellent fantasy reads for Austenites!

Exactly As Advertised: Books That Wonderfully Meet Expectations

Books that are just as good as people say they are.

Two-Fer: Magic and Horrible Mothers

In these two modern fairytales, the mothers have a lot more in common with Mommie Dearest than with Lily Potter.

Frak It All: The 5 Types of Swears You Find in Speculative Fiction

Swearing can get weird in speculative fiction. In any other genre, it’s no big deal. Characters either curse or they ...

Return of the Book Jedis: The Well-Readheads at BEA 2014

LH: Once again, we have faced the Javits Center and survived! How was your BEA this year, muffin? RJS: It ...

The Well-Readheads Talk Books in Books

LH: Last post, crumpet, you mentioned Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley, in which the main character owns a bookstore. ...