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Dear J.K. Rowling: An Evening at the Elephant House

A reader peruses the letters left to J.K. Rowling at The Elephant House, the cafe where she wrote most of the first Harry Potter book.

Dear J.K. Rowling, Please Write These Things Instead

The post-Harry Potter Harry Potter content hasn't been great. We request Rowling write these things instead.

New Harry Potter Books Coming in October 2017

Bloomsbury has announced the publication of two new Harry Potter books to be released in October of 2017 for the series's 20th anniversary.

J.K. Rowling’s Best Twitter Takedowns

J.K. Rowling isn't having any of Twitter trolls' nonsense.

A Very Muppet Harry Potter

A dream-re-casting of Harry Potter. With Muppets.

I Care That Hermione is Black

A response to the backlash to Hermione being played by a black woman in The Cursed Child.

Dear J.K. Rowling: Stop Apologizing!

J.K. Rowling recently apologized for Remus Lupin's death. Where do we draw the line between fanservice and writer's remorse?

What Can We Expect from Fantastic Beasts? A Potterhead Explains Her Great Expectations

A Potterhead on her expectations for the newest movie in JK Rowling's Potter universe.

North American Magic: The Worst Thing to Happen to Harry Potter Since Voldemort

Harry Potter Play To Be Published as a Book