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#Jane Austen Day 2017

Don’t Dismiss Jane Austen as a Writer of “Silly Things”

Whatever else Jane Austen was doing, she certainly wasn’t writing books about silly things. She was, in fact, writing books that gave voices to women.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Adaptations, Ranked

Costume dramas, modernizations, a Bollywood musical, and one with zombies! Which Pride and Prejudice adaptations of Jane Austen's masterpiece are the best?

6 Classic and Contemporary Jane Austen Readalikes by Authors of Color

Looking for Jane Austen readalikes? Check out these classic and contemporary books similar to hers, all by authors of color!

Who Jane Read, Who Read Jane: Austen’s Readers and Favorite Books

On the popular books from Jane Austen's time period, her known favorite titles, and the readers who enjoyed her work.

A Perfect Pastiche: Mary Robinette Kowal’s GLAMOURIST HISTORIES

The GLAMOURIST HISTORIES are perfect pastiche novels - a subtle dash of magic planted in the Regency framework we all love and allowed to flourish.