#Jane Austen Day 2017

13 Sensible Quotes from Jane Austen’s First Novel

13 quotes from Jane Austen's first published novel, Sense and Sensibility.

Blame Jane Austen for My Fanfiction Addiction

Wherein a reader exposes Jane Austen's work as gateway material for fanfiction addiction.

5 Contemporary YA Jane Austen Retellings

It's no surprise that there are a wealth of YA Jane Austen retellings. Austen may be one of the best classic authors to bring to young adult books.

Get Lost in Austen: 13 Adaptations for Jane Austen Fans

A bingeworthy look at some of the many film Jane Austen adaptations based on her novels and other Jane Austen-related goodness.

Why EMMA is the Worst Jane Austen Novel

Hint: it has less to do with Emma's character and a whole lot more to do with poor Harriet Smith.

5 Excellent Jane Austen Comic Book Adaptations

These fantastic comic book adaptations of Jane Austen works will not have you crying adaptation foul. Get your hands on a Jane Austen comic book now.

Giveaway: Jane Austen Penguin Clothbound Editions!

Enter to win the complete set of Jane Austen Penguin Clothbound editions!

From Pemberley to Trump Tower: Jane Austen Quotes Meet Trump Tweets

What would Trump supporters think if they saw Jane Austen quotes shared on social media? We've got some ideas!

The Queerness of Emma

A reader examines queer themes in Jane Austen's EMMA, and writes on the importance of her Austen reading experience as a young queer girl.

Literary Tourism: Jane Austen-Themed Destinations

Tourist destinations related to Jane Austen, her books, and film adaptations of her novels.