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Inspiring Interior Design Books

If you love interior design -- whether it's because you love creating your space or just imagining creating your space -- enjoy these books, including Jungalow.

The Science and Recent History of Bookstore Design

There are myriad online options for book buying. So what goes into the physicality of bookstores to make them appealing to book buyers?

Booked on HGTV: 15 Interior Design Books for DIY Decorators

Welcome to the list of the best interior design books that will have book nerds with a knack for home decor saying “I’m going to Love It and (TBR) List It!”

14 House Plant Books For True Beginners

These house plant books will change your home horticulture game. Don't worry if your experience is nil! Learn to grow everything from succulents to lettuce.

Moving: 4 Books on a Big Topic

We all know moving is stressful. In fact, it's one of the most stressful activities of modern life. I recommend 4 books, fiction and non, for the occasion.

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