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8 of the Best Indigenous Middle Grade Novels

Eight books can never represent all First Nation communities, but these Indigenous middle grade novels are a great place to start.

8 Fantastic Debut Novels by Indigenous Authors

Many fantastic Indigenous debut novels have been published in the past couple of years. Here are eight to start with.

Indigenous Authors Are Held to Higher Standards

Reading more Indigenous books has made me realize that Indigenous authors are held to a higher standard in order to get published.

There Is No Environmental Literature Without Indigenous Authors

Understanding what we call the American environment can only be done through studying the works of those who originally tended to it.

Picture Books To Teach Children About Residential Schools

These picture books help teach about Indian Residential Schools, which is foundational to understanding Canada as it is today, including When We Were Alone by David A. Robertson and Julie Flett.

15 Popular Indigenous Books from 2020

2020 was long, but it was also a prolific year for many authors. Let's explore the most popular 2020 indigenous books from this past year!

8 Unmissable Books by Indigenous Authors Living in Canada

Suggested reads from north of the 49th parallel to help you observe the International Day of the World's Indigenous People.