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Shakespeare and Co. Reading List

Here's a Shakespeare & Co. reading list, featuring some of the famous writers who have been a part of the notable Paris bookstore’s history. 

Literary Tourism: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Take a trip through the literary stops of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and its wonderful array of bookstores.

Bookstore Blues: Moving Away From My Favorite Bookstore

Moving away from your fave can be hard, but here are some things you can do if you find yourself pining for a bookstore no longer within physical reach.

Our Bookstore Reading Meet-Cute

Prompted by an Independent Bookstore Day tweet, one reader remembers the bookish meet-cute that led her down the wedding aisle.

5 Things You Should Do on Independent Bookstore Day

If you don’t already have your Independent Bookstore Day planned, here are a handful of things you can do to celebrate all the reasons to love them.

Cool Bookish Places: Librairie La Page Bookshop in London

There are many unique and interesting bookshops in London but I’ve never come across one before that caters specifically to one ...

The Happiest Place on Earth: An Afternoon at Powell’s Books

An afternoon spent at one of the best bookshops on Earth, and musings on the wonders of indie bookstores.