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The #SignForOurBookshops Campaign Supports UK Indie Bookshops

Launched by YA author Holly Bourne, the #SIGNFORBOOKSHOPS campaign urges readers to buy books from UK indie bookshops.

Local, Radical, Memorable: October Books

A reader recalls a favorite independent bookstore in Southampton in the UK. Hear all about radical bookshop October Books.

Our Bookstore Reading Meet-Cute

Prompted by an Independent Bookstore Day tweet, one reader remembers the bookish meet-cute that led her down the wedding aisle.

5 Things You Should Do on Independent Bookstore Day

If you don’t already have your Independent Bookstore Day planned, here are a handful of things you can do to celebrate all the reasons to love them.

Crowdfund This! London’s First Black Feminist Bookshop

Cool Bookish Places: Barton’s Bookshop in Leatherhead, UK

Check out Barton's Bookshop, a rad bookish place in Leatherhead, UK.