Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations Tailored Book Recommendations

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Reconstructing FRANKENSTEIN: Reviving Shelley’s Monster

The power of the original FRANKENSTEIN leads to incredible recontextualizations even today, including works like Destroyer by Victor LaValle.

Something Else Out There: What Eco-Horror Teaches Us About Ourselves

Eco-horror is never, and can never, be just about ‘The Environment’ because ‘The Environment’ pervades all. ‘The Environment’ is not an Other.

Halloween Withdrawal? Snuggle Up With These Creepy Autumnal 2018 Books

Halloween withdrawal? Read these spooky, seasonal books.

6 of the Best Novels Featuring Evil Kids

Creep yourself out with these six great novels featuring unlovable little monsters. Here are six terrifying books about creepy children.