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Matching Book Quotes to Each Hogwarts House

In honor of these four infamous houses and their unique traits, here are a few book quotes to match to each Hogwarts House.

6 Reasons Why Slytherins Are Not Inherently Evil

Voldemort and Dolores Umbridge give Slytherins a bad name, but here is why being sorted into Slytherin House does not make one evil incarnate.

7 Reasons Why Hufflepuffs Are the Absolute Greatest

Hufflepuffs are brave, loyal, kind, and know how to party. What more do you want?

Sorting 101 ’90s TV Characters in Hogwarts Houses

Which Hogwarts Houses do your favorite '90s TV characters belong in? We sorted them for you!

Book Riot Live, Now With Extra Ravenclaw

We asked our Book Riot Live speakers if they knew their Hogwarts House, and the answers are in! Guess which was the most popular.

Sorting Literary Foursomes Into Hogwarts Houses

The Narnia siblings, the Three (ok, four) Musketeers, and more literary foursomes sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Sorting GAME OF THRONES Characters into Hogwarts Houses

I’m a book nerd, which I’m sure you’re only mildly surprised to learn given the site you’re on, reading a ...