Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

#Historical Fiction

100 Must-Read Books of U.S. Historical Fiction

Excellent works of historical fiction, all set in the United States. These novels recreate a time period at least 35-40 years before their publication date.

7 Great Novels About Real People

They may be fiction, but these novels about real people can still provide a fresh perspective on the lives of real people from history.

100 Must-Read YA Historical Novels

Excellent YA novels set in the past!

Set in the ’90s: Historical Fiction, or Not?

Does fiction set in the '90s count as historical? If not, where's the cut-off?

Reading Pathways: Alyssa Cole

Where to start with romance author Alyssa Cole.

90+ Of Your Favorite Works of Historical Fiction

Riot readers name their favorite works of historical fiction.

Riot Recommendation: What’s Your Favorite Work of Historical Fiction?

Come tell us your favorite work of historical fiction!

The Fact Behind the Fiction: 10 Nonfiction/Historical Fiction Book Pairs

Attention history buffs! Want to learn the true stories behind your favorite historical novels? Check out these nonfiction/historical fiction book pairings!

How Historical Fiction Does What History Textbooks Do Not

How historical fiction can tell the stories of marginalized people who are ignored by history books.

Two-Fer: Historical Fiction Set in France

I offer you book pairings personally vetted and guaranteed to complement each other. Our first pairing: historical fiction set in the French royal courts!