#Historical Fiction

We’re Celebrating Historical Fiction Day!

We're celebrating historical fiction with a full day of content highlighting books set in the past, with stories of royalty, significant events, and more!

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From 1960s Kuala Lumpur to the Reconstruction-era South, travel back in time with these three new diverse YA historical fiction books!

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Using famous authors as characters, these historical fiction works help to humanize and de-mystify writers who often seem larger than life.

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Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor were cousins, fellow queens, and rivals. These books about Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I are perfect for your TBR.

50 Must-Read Historical Fiction Books for Kids

Make history come alive with these 50 must-read historical fiction books for kids! Features books for young readers and historical fiction chapter books.

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50 Must-Read Historical Fiction Picture Books

There are so many amazing historical fiction picture books based on a myriad of time periods. Here's some of the best to get started with.

8 of the Best Historical Mysteries

So you're looking for some atmospheric historical mysteries that take place far, far away from the dumpster fire that is 2018.

5 Must-Read Creepy Historical Novels to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Looking to scare yourself silly before Halloween? Here are five must-read creepy historical novels, ghost stories, and horror novels set in the past.

21 Incredible Books Based on True Stories

Books based on true stories, including four days on the Titanic, the botched assassination of Bob Marley, and a teen concubine who became Empress of China.