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Which Bird of Prey Are You?

Mr. J's out and Harley Effing Quinn is in! But are you really a Harley? Or are you more of a Black Canary? This Birds of Prey quiz will help you find out.

The Paradox of Harley Quinn

We're taking a deep dive into the often troubled world of Harley Quinn, her history, her problematic relationship, and the narrative of her victimization.

Getting to Know Gotham Girl Gang Birds of Prey Ahead of the Movie

A reader who got to know the Gotham Girl Gang offers a brief introduction to Birds of Prey to help you prepare for the upcoming film.

Book Fetish: Volume 245, Comics Edition

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by The Legend of Zelda™: Art & Artifacts. The Legend of Zelda™: Art & Artifacts contains ...

Comics Fetish: Volume 92

Hide or find your wallets, then have a gander at this week's Comics Fetish, featuring Mega Man, Pokémon Go, Harley Quinn, and more!

Oh, Comics! Podcast #90: Suicide Squad

Is David Ayers' take on the motley crew as painless as it sounds?

To See or Not to See? That is the Suicide Squad Question

With Suicide Squad premiering this week to mixed reviews and controversy, Priya Sridhar discusses reasons for and against seeing the film.

#SquadGoals: The Odds on Who Survives Suicide Squad

Jon Erik takes a look at the odds on which characters will survive the Suicide Squad movie.

Why I Broke Up with Harley Quinn

Sara loved Harley Quinn, but realized that the character was defined by an abusive relationship and was not a positive representation of women.

On Breaking Up with Harley Quinn

What made Sara realize she had to break up with one of her favorite comic book characters Harley Quinn?

Oh, Comics! Podcast #63: Wonder Squad of Tomorrow

Oh, Comics! is a weekly chat show about the wild and wooly world of comics, hosted by Paul Montgomery and Preeti ...

Comics Fetish: Volume 54

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. Who said bow ties had to be boring? Let Jughead ...

Comics Fetish: Volume 39

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. Think that cardigans are conservative and boring? Think again. In ...

DCYou’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: The Women of DC’s June Releases

This month, DC kicked off their new DCYou initiative, which they’ve partially defined as a renewed commitment to diversity. As ...

Beyond CONVERGENCE Dome: Reaction Roundup

Last week, DC’s Convergence event drew to a close. And it went out in pretty spectacular fashion. Part celebration of ...